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CopySafe PDF Downloads

Here, you can download the free PDF Reader and a trial version of the PDF Protector:
[ CopySafe PDF Bundle Download includes the Protector and Reader
[ CopySafe PDF Protector Download version  9.04 Mb  More info
[ CopySafe PDF Reader Download version  6.58 Mb  More info
CopySafe PDF Docs Download CHM 1.10 Mb  

CMS Modules

The following add-ons will enable you to add protected PDF to pages from the editor:

DotNetNuke Extension for copy protection DotNetNuke Module Download 464 Kb  More info 
Drupal module for copy protection Drupal Module Download 703 Kb  More info 
Joomla Extension Download 663 Kb  More info 
Moodle module for protected PDF Moodle Plugin Download 724 Kb More info 
WordPress Plugin Download 245 Kb  More info 

Language Support

CopySafe PDF Reader is available in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese. The language used in the software GUI can be changed at any time and is independent of the language set for the computer.

CopySafe PDF Protector Licensing

A single license enables you to use the Protector indefinitely on one computer for document conversion indefinitely. There is no limit on how long it can be used or how many documents can be converted. The reader does not require licensing and will forever be free to the public.

CopySafe PDF Protector Security

CopySafe PDF provides total control over the resources used by ALL screen and video capture. PDF documents are encrypted using full strength encryption (128bit AES block encryption), which can only be opened using the unique ArtistScope PDF engine.

Document Rights Management (DRM) for PDF

The CopySafe PDF protection can be extended to prevent forwarding and unauthorized distribution by utilizing the DRM options. All licensed users are entitled to use the Hosted DRM Service provided by ArtistScope for FREE. Alternatively, authors can maintain their own DRM portal by installing the DRM add-ons on their own server (see below).

Sample documents for evaluating DRM options

The following list of documents illustrate the different options for DRM control:
It is recommended to install the CopySafe PDF Reader before attempting to open these documents, which are protected by DRM. In this case, you will need to create a demo account so that you can register your computer with the system.

DRM Add-ons for use with CopySafe PDF Protector

CopySafe PDF protector includes both a Windows GUI (executable) and a COM object which has been specially optimized for command-line operation. The COM object can be used via a DOS prompt or run from a .bat file. However, to increase the scope of its use, there are now additional add-ons to enable you to use the Protector online, running server side and controllable from your web pages.

Free modules and extensions for your favorite CMS These CMS modules and extensions are free and provided without warranty as they or may not be compatible with your CMS if it has been customized and varies from the standard that was provided by your CMS developer.
Webmaster's Note:

CopySafe PDF is by far more secure than all other eBook and PDF document protection solutions because it was designed to be so. Performing a web search on "extract password from PDF" or "remove DRM from eBooks" can provide an insight to how useless most document protection solutions really are. Any similarities between the total control management of documents provided by ArtistScope DRM and the "claims" of others are mostly inspired and pioneered by ArtistScope DRM.

CopySafe PDF is ideal for the distribution of documents by download and on CD, but if your documents are to be viewed from your website, then you should check out the ASPS Web Reader which is specially designed for copy protecting web content instead of exposing it like other web browsers do. ASPS provides the most secure copy protection for all web page content including PDF, Flash and video.

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CS-PDF Site Add-ons:

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