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How to Copy Protect Movies and Videos

Copy Protection For Movies & Video

Movies and videos are distributed in many different ways that it is almost impossible to use one copy protection solution for all of them. For example consider the following scenarios:
  • Video distributed for HD video players (video hire and sales)
  • Video broadcasted via television networks
  • Video streamed online and viewed using a computer from a website
  • Video distributed by email, download or on disk for viewing on a computer

Protecting Broadcast Video & DVDs For Generic Video Players

Videos that you view on television as well as those that you acquire from local video stores are designed for use with standard equipment. Consequently, there is not much one can do about protecting this media digitally, which is why the entertainment industry reiterates the perils of piracy and prosecutes notable offenders to maximize their sales potential. Yes, it is possible to digitally encode DVDs so that they can be played on certain video players only. It is also possible to burn disks that cannot be copied by embedding key data in hidden tracks. But these techniques require special equipment for burning the disks and the disks also need to be made especially for the task so production costs can be expensive and at the end of the day, most can still be exploited.

ArtistScope concentrates on solutions that are economical and simple enough for anyone to use. In fact, by ensuring that a video can only be played in our proprietary software, it can be most securely protected and can also be impossible to exploit.

Protecting Streamed Video & Video On Computer Disk

For protecting video played on computers ArtistScope can provide several options depending on your target market and budget. The extent and level of protection that can be applied is variable and under your complete control. The areas of protection can be generally divided as follows:
  • Video protected from screen and desktop recording software while being played
  • Video files protected from unauthorized distribution or sharing
All of our video solutions prevent copy by Print Screen, screen capture and desktop recording. That is what ArtistScope copy protection does best. However, preventing redistribution and forwarding requires DRM solutions and if you do want control over who can play and download your videos, then you'll find that ArtistScope provides the most secure protection ever imagined.

Copy Protecting Flash, MP4, AVI, WMV & Other Video Types

Firstly, it should be noted that Flash is not a video file format. What we see played as Flash movies are actually video files that are wrapped in Flash file, so that they can be played by Flash players embedded on web pages. Displaying Flash from web pages is popular because it is viewable on various platforms and devices, including mobile phones. But copy protecting Flash is a futile task because (a) the Flash format, itself, is not secure and can easily be exploited; (b) it can only be protected from Print Screen and screen recording on Windows. Note that Windows users comprise 92% of all net users, leaving a few minorities, like Mac computers weighing in at 4%. For the sake of catering to such a minute minority, one needs to decide what their livelihood is worth.

As the situation is clarified it becomes apparent that using Flash has no advantages whatsoever when playing on Windows computers, in fact just the opposite. By using a proper video format, whether it is ASF, AVI, MP4 or WMV you can display higher quality video per file size; and they can be played using the Windows Media Player plugin which everyone already has installed by default. Forget about Flash players and start looking at what options are available for copy protecting real video.

Copy Protecting Video Displayed On Web Pages

For protecting videos displayed in embedded player on a web page you have 3 possible options:
  • CopySafe Web plugin for all popular web browsers protects all normal page content
  • ArtistScope Secure Video plugin for all popular web browsers displays encrypted videos
  • ASPS Web Reader (web browser) protects all normal page content
These solutions provide the most secure protection from Print Screen and screen recording software. To extend that protection and to prevent forwarding and unauthorized distribution of content, you need to control who has access to your pages and how much they can actually see, which is where DRM comes into play.

Extend Protection To Prevent Unauthorized Distribution

Digital Rights Management (DRM) adds a layer of protection to restrict access to media. DRM-protected media requires that access rights to use or display video be authorized each time. Such access rights can be validated by a certificate that is distributed with the media or by linking the media to an online server that can identify the user as having the appropriate permissions.

Any web applications, such as a CMS for creating and managing web pages, can easily apply DRM rules with the right plugin and the browser displaying the media can provide a computer's unique signature. Once that ComputerID is known, it is simply a matter of creating some rules, which the web designer can add to their html code. A good example of a rule is to check the ComputerID against the one that was recorded for that account/login, and if there is no match then redirect for special instructions.

Copy Protecting Video Distributed By Email, Download & On Disk

Viewing video online and distributing video files on disk are very different scenarios. Videos displayed online can be encrypted and domain locked, which means that they can only be viewed online and only from the website to which they belong. There is no way of undoing this, and unlike Flash, your protected video cannot be decompiled or extracted.

But a video that is distributed by email, download or on disk, on the other hand, needs to be portable and not constrained. Also, the means to prevent sharing is most critical, and for this purpose, a special tool that can decrypt encoded video and can notify you and check a user's rights of access and history is a must. You have only one option to achieve this:
  • ArtistScope Media Player displays copy protected video managed by DRM
The ArtistScope Media Suite provides all the tools needed for the encryption and deployment of video for both online display and distribution on disk, including a media server and DRM control.

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