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Digital Rights Management (DRM) for eBooks and PDF documents

ArtistScope DRM For PDF and Ebooks

ArtistScope DRM for PDF provides total control management for documents that are created by CopySafe PDF. It is provided as a free service for CopySafe PDF users or it can be rented separately as a hosted service. This DRM software can also be  installed on your web server.

ArtistScope DRM for PDF provides total control management of user rights to access eBooks and documents and empowers authors to have the right to control which users have access to their eBooks and documents, how and for how long.

Test drive DRM protection for eBooks & PDF documentsWhen DRM rights are assigned to documents, they can only be opened by users authorized by the author (publisher). Unauthorized users cannot open these documents, thus making ArtistScope DRM the best defense from unauthorized sharing and forwarding. If anyone sends copies of the file to other people, the document will be useless to them unless they also have the same access rights that are granted by the author.

This means that by using ArtistScope DRM, you can distribute eBooks or send a document to a client and maintain complete control while it is out in the wild and you can stop it from being viewed at any time. You can also decide and control whether it can be printed or how many times a visitor can print copies of your document. In addition, you can set the time it will take for it to be available for viewing, as well as who can open the document. Any changes that you make in your Control panel will take immediate effect, even on documents that have previously been stored on CD or have already been downloaded to the user's computer. Even if a client or user reneges on their agreement or payment, or if a document gets posted to a public website, you can easily revoke the permissions of that user or disable the document.

Total Control Management Over Documents & User Rights

ArtistScope DRM reduces the risk of exploitation by removing rights control from the user's computer and instead, validating document permissions online prior to allowing access. Unlike DRM solutions provided in the past, there is nothing on a user's computer that can be exploited to remove DRM such as registry keys and certificates. By maintaining control from our DRM portal, authors are now given total control over all aspects of their documentsí properties and their user's permissions:

  • Restrict the right to open a document to specific individuals
  • Manage user access rights to protected documents and groups
  • Manage documents assigned to individual users or applied to groups
  • Total control over all aspects with immediate effect for any changes
  • Set expiration by calendar date using local computer time or by time server
  • Set expiry by days or hours starting from a user's first read
  • Allow or limit the number of views by a user or group
  • Allow or limit the number of prints by a user or group
  • Allow or limit access by IP number or network
  • Prevent unauthorized sharing and forwarding
  • Distribute documents by email, download or on disk that cannot be shared

Protection for eBooks and PDF Documents

ArtistScope DRM caters to most types of documents, that is, almost any type of document that can be converted to PDF format. PDF is a universal format that most authors can use as there are a multitude of editors for creating and converting PDF to and from various other file types. For example, the most commonly used method is converting Word documents to PDF using the Acrobat printer-driver. The Universal Document Converter (UDC) that is bundled with our software is the best all-around tool and is most compatible with our document encryption and reader because it conforms to proper PDF standards.

Documents protected by ArtistScope DRM can be read using the CopySafe PDF Reader, which is the only reader that is capable of decrypting the protected documents, interpreting the DRM rights and ensuring that no method of copy is possible. The CopySafe PDF Reader provides the most robust and most secure copy protection for documents, and is the perfect reader for eBooks and PDF documents, that need plenty of protection from the evils of piracy, plagiarism and information leaks.

ArtistScope DRM Control For Book Authors

All authors have total control and access to the following features:
  • Create and manage their groups and subscribers with total control
  • Manage access permissions on their documents with immediate effect on any changes
  • Send newsletters to their groups and select subscribers with documents attached
  • Convert their documents to eBook status for distribution in online eBook stores
  • Manage document deliveries to subscribers from online sales of their eBooks
  • Full reports and statistics of their subscriber actions, document usage and portal activity
The creation of user accounts, document conversion and management occur server-side so that it can be managed from any computer in the world, without having to install software.

ArtistScope DRM Control For Administrators

Aside from all the functions that are available to authors, the Administrator (site owner) also has:
  • Control over general security policy applied to Authors and subscribers
  • Access to and total control over all groups documents and subscribers
  • Ability to set restrictions and allowances for network access
  • The option to enforce billing on subscriptions and select account types
  • Access to edit the templates used for common email and subscription functions
  • Viewing and management rights to clear the statistics for all subscriber accounts

Administrators, as the owners of the DRM Portal, have total control over all aspects and can put all users and documents of a group on hold by simply suspending the account of that group's author.

ArtistScope DRM Service For eBooks & PDF

The ArtistScope DRM Service for PDF is comprised of server-side software and user control panel (DRM Portal), which is a web application, plus the CopySafe PDF Reader. The DRM Portal enables authors to upload documents for encryption, nominate their protection options and manage their user rights. The DRM Portal is available for free as a service to all licensed users of CopySafe PDF, as a hosted web service, and the DRM Portal software can also be purchased for installation on your own web server.

Free DRM Service For CopySafe PDF Users

All licensed users of CopySafe PDF software are entitled to a FREE author account for the DRM management of their documents and subscribers. These free DRM accounts are virtually unlimited, since they do not expire and they provide for unlimited documents and an unlimited number of subscribers. Such authors are also entitled to convert their documents to eBook status and list them in our online eBook store for free. There is no commission or fees to be paid on sales made though the online store, which is ideally suited for PayPal transactions. To commence selling online, all an author needs is a PayPal account. Successful transactions can automatically add new subscribers and deliver their eBook with instructions for installing the reader. You can evaluate our DRM service better by creating a demo account.

Other useful services for eBook authors include an online Book Cover Designer which enables authors to create designs for their eBooks that can be used in any shopping cart or eBook catalogue. Select from a variety of templates and clip art gallery or upload your own images to use. Set the font style and color layout to your requirements. Our Book Cover Designer will generate a 450 x 270 pixel image, which includes a thumbnail that can be downloaded or sent to you by email. When used from within the DRM Portal, your designs can be saved and archived for later use.

Hosted DRM Service for eBooks & PDF Documents

The service described above can also be rented as hosted web service as an alternative to purchasing the CopySafe PDF software. However, if you plan to use it long-term, purchasing a license to use CopySafe PDF is a much cheaper option than renting it. You can choose the kind of billing for the service that best suits your budget and opt for either prepaid hits or monthly fees. Monthly plans can offer better value because usage can be unlimited during that period; whereas billing by "hits" decreases the time you will be able to use the document by one every time a user opens a DRM protected document. Further information, prices and online order can found on the page for Hosted DRM Service

Installing The DRM Service On Your Website

The ArtistScope DRM Portal software can be purchased and installed on any Windows computer that can run IIS, which includes Windows XP Pro, Vista Premium, Windows 7 Ultimate, and any of the Windows Server versions since 2003. The same functionality that we provide in our DRM Portal is what is delivered when you purchase the software. If you get ArtistScope to install it for you it can be customized to match your site's design and tailored for almost any variation of security policy that you desire. ArtistScope DRM can be added to any website regardless of whether it runs on Sharepoint or a .Net application.  Click for more information on server requirements.

ArtistScope DRM is comprised of 3 main components, which included a server-side version of the CopySafe PDF Protector (COM), Windows DLL interface and the Portal scripts. These are all contained in one folder so as not to affect any other applications running on a website.

Purchase ArtistScope DRM OnlineWhen installed by ArtistScope, your very own DRM Portal can go online within 48 hours. Click for pricing and online order form.

How ArtistScope DRM Compares With Other Solutions

Prior to 2008, DRM solutions mostly relied on all files being stored on the user's computer, which made them accessible and their rights management exploitable. These methods may have possibly been used due to the desire to be self-sufficient and not requiring the web constantly because it was not too long ago that we all relied on dial-up internet. This type of internet connection was slow, prone to packet loss and it was really a painful chore to be able to connect instantly. Another reason may have been that most DRM developers merely follow the leader and imitate other solutions, thus they did little to differentiate their products from others. To provide robust and secure DRM, what ArtistScope did was to remove the control from the user's computer and instead, required that user to be online and accounted for. ArtistScope had been using licensing servers since 2000, so the validation sequences used were easy to do, even though competitors couldn't understand them.

Even today, many writers are apprehensive about getting DRM solutions for their works because if the DRMs of huge corporations like Microsoft and Adobe can be exploited, then nothing can be safe as well. However, unknown to many, there is a huge difference between the methods employed (as explained above) and the environment because others failed because they were not able to secure all copies that are prone for exploit, fearing losses on sales or simply because they do not know how, for example, on DVDs sold and hired out from the local video stores. ArtistScope is different because it was originally founded to develop strategies to protect the artist's livelihood at any cost and thus have the incentive and motive. All others are either not dedicated or are just imitating what seems to be a viable business. Consequently, ArtistScope copy protection and DRM solutions are second to none.

Is DRM Support Comparable With Other Solutions?

ArtistScope DRM certainly provides the most robust and un-exploitable protection for documents across Windows, which is more than 92% of all net users. The remainder is comprised of Mac, Linux and hybrid operating systems used in hand-held devices that have short life expectancies. Consequently, it has never been viable extending copy protection to such devices, especially when a lower level of protection can jeopardize the security that our clients require.

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Purchase ArtistScope DRM Online

DRM Demonstration:

Free demo accounts can be created in one of our DRM Portals for use without delay to enable you to explore the many protection options and evaluate a variety of documents with different protection options applied. You will also be able to upload and protect your own documents, and send them onto friends for their evaluation.

DRM Features:

- Protect eBooks and PDF
- Protect drawings
- Protect photographs
- Prevent all copy and save
- Prevent Printscreen
- Prevent screen capture
- Prevent forwarding
- Prevent account sharing
- Restrict access per group
- Restrict access per user
- Prevent printing
- Limit the number of prints
- Limit the number of views
- Set expiration by local time
- Set expiration by time server
- Set expiry by days or hours
- Revoke access at any time
- Expire documents at any time


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