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The most secure copy protection solutions for all media
Copy protect PDF documents   Copy protect web pages and images online   The most secure web browser   Copy protect any web page anywhere
Test DRM protection for eBooks & PDF for free All-in-one copy protected ebook service - protected from sales to delivery Copy protect web pages and media hosted anywhere
Copy Protection & DRM News  Latest News for Copy Protection & Document Rights Management
All ArtistScope Software Is Windows 10 Ready
Tests performed by the ArtistScope support team confirm that there should be no problem with ArtistScope software after upgrading from either Windows 7 or Windows 8 to the newly released free version of Windows 10.
ASPS Launch Buttons released for all popular CMS including Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress
The ASPS Launch Button is a free add-on that can be used in side menus to enable visitors to launch the ASPS Web Browser from web pages displayed by the default web browser. If the ASPS browser is not installed the user can click to download and install it.
Copysafe Web and CopySafe PDF Plugins For WordPress Upgraded For The New ASPS Web Browser
The new ASPS web browser can now be set as the required browser for content protected by Copysafe Web and Copysafe PDF thus closing avenues of exploit provided by popular browsers while ensuring that your copy protection enjoys consistent browser support.
ASPS Protected Hosting Can Copy Protect Any Web Site Already Hosted Anywhere
ASPS Protect Hosting provides an alternative to purchasing a dedicated/virtual server to be able to use ASP server software. The Protected Hosting plans are tailored to suit the smallest budget and are free of any usage limitations or surcharges for data usage.
New ASPS Web Browser Takes Over Where Other Browsers Fail
The new ASPS Web Browser provides a solution to all copy protection woes experienced by website developers and owners while trying to secure and protect their copyrighted and intellectual property for display in popular web browsers.
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