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Add Copy Protected PDF To WordPress Posts

WordPress Plugin for CopySafe PDF

Insert CopySafe PDF encrypted documents into WordPress.

This plugin enables the insertion of encrypted PDF documents created by CopySafe PDF into WordPress posts and pages with shortcode. The resulting embedded document object is supported in popular web browsers across all Windows computers starting from XP (92% of net users) up to the current version.
Wordpress plugin for launching ASPS secure web browser
  • Copy protect eBooks and PDF documents displayed online
  • Safe from Print Screen and all screen capture software
  • Encrypted documents cannot be retrieved from browser cache
  • Domain-locked documents cannot be displayed elsewhere
  • Encrypted documents stored on the server are safe from webmasters
  • Encrypted documents cannot be saved or scraped
CopySafe PDF documents can be easily added to any pages or posts created by WordPress.

How the WP CopySafe PDF Plugin Works

When editing a page or post, you may insert the short code by clicking on the [PDF] icon above the HTML editor toolbar where the cursor was last placed in the text area. After uploading or selecting an existing PDF class file (from a previous upload), you can then nominate the security settings to use for the page or post. Different pages can use different security and display settings:

 Width  Width in pixels of the PDF viewing area
 Height   Height in pixels of the PDF viewing area
 Print Count   Enable printing and/or limit number of prints 
 Print Anywhere   Restrict printing to virtual printers or hard-wired printers 
 Allow Capture  Enable protection from Print Screen and screen capture
 Allow Remote  Prevent computers using remote or virtual connection from access
 Language   Set the language used in toolbar and reader messages
 Background   Set color to use in the unused area of viewer window 

Default Settings for This WordPress Plugin

Default settings can be applied to all CopySafe PDF pages and posts. Most useful for corporate networks and others who need to limit access to certain types of web browsers, the default settings page allows you to nominate which ones you want to allow. Any browsers not qualifying will be redirected. You can also select from 3 modes, which can be changed at any time:
 Demo Mode  Allows use of the plugin without requiring a CopySafe PDF license
 Licensed  For users with the CopySafe PDF software for encrypting PDF
 Debug Mode  Displays the HTML for object tag instead of displaying the PDF

CopySafe PDF Licensing

The CopySafe PDF Protector enables the encryption of PDF documents for distribution by email, download and disk with copy protection options and the ability to assign DRM control. It can also convert protected PDF for display online, from a web page, using the web browser plugin included with the CopySafe PDF Reader. Such documents encrypted for online use do not need to be domain locked. However, domain locking is most recommended to prevent their display on other websites.

Every CopySafe PDF Protector license provides for unlimited use and includes free DRM hosting to manage subscribers. But it does not include licensing for online display using Domain Lock. If the Protector is unlicensed documents distributed for local viewing will include a watermark and documents displayed online with a Domain Lock will not be secure. ArtistScope oversees the use of domain lock in CopySafe PDF by requiring the registration of each separate site (fee applies).

Otherwise, the free trial version of CopySafe PDF Protector can be downloaded for evaluation to create encrypted PDF documents to upload for testing with this WP plugin.

CopySafe PDF Version Detection & Plugin Installation

When CopySafe PDF is used on a web page, if a visitor does not have the reader plugin installed, they are redirected for download and install instructions. This WordPress plugin includes everything needed for this task including download and error pages. 

Download For WP CopySafe PDF

The download file below is a self-extracting ZIP file, which contains that is the package to upload to your website. Also included in the main ZIP is the install instructions.

WordPress plugin
   Tested to WP 4.3     185 Kb     Download Now     

Install Instructions For WP CopySafe PDF

You can unzip this file and upload via FTP or you can upload it and unpack it on the site from a file manager or Webmin. After installation, you should see a new folder with its contests at:


Next, create a new folder in your uploads folder and set write permissions on it:


To complete installation you can now go to your WordPress dashboard and view your plugins list. Here, you can click to "activate" CopySafe PDF, after which a new menu item will appear in your left hand column. By expanding your menu item for CopySafe PDF you will see 2 new menu items, one for Default settings and the other to List Uploaded Files.

Using the CopySafe PDF WordPress Plugin

Now you can create or edit an existing page or post and add copy protection by uploading or selecting an already uploaded PDF. Look for the [PDF] icon beside the media upload icon.

Note that you can only upload encrypted documents that have a [.class] file extension.

You can create encrypted document files from the demo version of CopySafe PDF Protector (click to download). Until you have CopySafe PDF software and a protected PDF you can use the protected documents provided here. When prompted to upload or select your first document, you can use those to get started.

NOTE: Displaying protected PDF online without Domain Lock is not secure and only recommended for test purposes because unlocked documents can be saved from the web page and uploaded to any other website where the parameters can be set to allow printing and screen capture. Using Domain Lock will prevent this exploit so you must use it in your real environment at all times.

Managing PDF Used With the WordPress CopySafe PDF Plugin

Take care to set a document width that suits your WordPress page theme. If using a standard theme 620 pixels wide or thereabouts, should be fine with a 2-column page. Otherwise, you can change your page to full-width by setting "Template" to "One-column, no sidebar" giving up 940 pixels wide.

WordPress page editor showing upload button and shortcode

CopySafe PDF documents can be added at the last position of the cursor by clicking the [PDF] button.

Settings that can be applied to each protected page

Once the document is selected, you can then nominate settings to apply to this particular page or post.

Default settings that are applied to all protected pages
The above default settings are applied to all CopySafe PDF pages and posts.

 View of all protected images that have been uploaded to WordPress
The class file manager will list all uploaded document (class) files.

Other WordPress Plugins

Webmaster's Note:

CopySafe PDF is by far more secure than all other eBook and PDF document protection solutions because it was designed to be so. Performing a web search on "extract password from PDF" or "remove DRM from eBooks" can provide an insight to how useless most document protection solutions really are. Any similarities between the total control management of documents provided by ArtistScope DRM and the "claims" of others are mostly inspired and pioneered by ArtistScope DRM.

CopySafe PDF is ideal for the distribution of documents by download and on CD, but if your documents are to be viewed from your website, then you should check out the ArtistScope Web Browser which is specially designed for copy protecting web content instead of exposing it like other web browsers do. ASPS provides the most secure copy protection for all web page content including Flash and video.

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