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Copy protect web pages and media hosted anywhere.

Copy Protect Web Pages Hosted Anywhere

ASPS Protected Hosting for Existing Web Sites

If you have a dedicated or virtual server you can use ASPS server software. Otherwise ASPS Protected Hosting offers a much simpler and economical alternative that can be used by anyone. All you need is a web site or file server.
Simplified Protected Hosting to Copy Protect any Website

Any existing website can be protected and it doesn't matter if you are using a CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle or even DotNetNuke. You can opt to include the whole of your website or just those sections that you want to protect and/or restrict to privileged site members. ASPS Protected Hosting can include some or all of the following services:
  • Manage member subscriptions and DRM rights per group, user and media.
  • Create and configure a protected mirror of your existing web site or select pages.
  • Protect all types of media including AVI, MP4, WMV, Flash, PDF and XLS*.
  • All accounts use a unique URL with SSL like http://*
* Protecting XLS and PDF documents requires a PRO* account for local caching.

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Standard or Pro Hosting account?

A standard Protected Hosting account provides for unlimited use without data cost because all pages and media are provided by your normal web site. Even though the ASPS server rebuilds those web pages to mirror them from the ASPS Protected Hosting service, embedded media such as images, CSS, JavaScript, video and Flash is delivered from your we site. The ASPS Protected Hosting service delivers the page HTML only.

Unfortunately some file types like XLS and PDF cannot be protected while they can be displayed in their default application. For example, even when "embedding" normal PDF on a web page, the resource used to read that PDF is provided by the Adobe Reader installed on the user's machine, which unfortunately offers save and print controls that are outside of the realm of a web page. However ASPS Protected Hosting can copy protect XLS and PDF files, but only by using a different process.

Pro Hosting for XLS and PDF

To properly protect XLS and PDF documents the ASPS server converts those files so that their native reader is no longer necessary. But that process requires that the file be stored on the ASPS server so every new XLS or PDF file is downloaded and stored locally. After conversion the new data is delivered by the ASPS server which results in a dramatic increase in data consumption. Media data is usually provided from your web site, but in these cases it is delivered from the ASPS server, hence the Pro Protected Hosting plan costs more.

How Does It Work?

Our ASPS Protected Hosting creates a mirror of your website that can only be accessed while using the ArtistScope Web Browser. From your ASPS Control Panel you can select which part/s of your web site to mirror. You can include the whole web site or just part of it. For example the content that you may want to protected could be contained in one folder or you could install a complete CMS like WordPress in a new folder and dedicate its content to the ASPS mirror. This way you can use your usual methods and tools to create what your visitors will explore via ASPS.

Does Your Existing Website Require Modification?

It is not necessary but some housekeeping is recommended because scripts for login, feedback and blog posts will not be supported when mirrored. For member access control you will be able to use the ASPS Control Panel and to be able to redirect users already logged into your home site you can use a widgets that can be added to the index in your member's section.

In your ASPS Control Panel you nominate which links to exclude from conversion so that they remain pointing to the original page/service.

What Is Meant By Access Control?

The prevention of copy is automatic when using the ArtistScope Web Browser because nothing can be copied unless you specifically enable it in your Control Panel. But preventing access to that content requires membership login and to prevent such logins from being shared requires Access Management or "DRM" as it is commonly known. Our ASPS Protected Hosting includes the option to require user logins and/or DRM control by computer identification.

To prevent direct access to your protected pages so that they can only be visited via the ASPS mirrror, you can use referrer checking. The ASPS Check Referrer add-on is available for popular CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Moodle.

What Is The Setup Procedure?

After ordering online and confirming your purchase the domain name of your existing website will be used to create a DNS pointer like "example.***.com" where * will be the domain name used by whichever server is assigned (Windows or Apache server depending on additional support requirements). Then you will be emailed the login username and password to access your Control Panel where you can set preferences, select which content you want to protect and create your subscriber user base.

What Preferences And Protection Settings Can Be Set?

The following settings can be applied to all pages displayed by the ArtistScope Web Browser:
  • Allow/disallow screen capture
  • Allow/disallow keyboard for web forms and Flash players
  • Allow/disallow printing and number of times printed
  • Allow/disallow remote viewing (from virtual computers/partitions).
  • Browser window size or fullscreen (kiosk) mode.
Additionally the following options can be applied per user or to all members of a group:
  • Custom protection settings (as above).
  • Expiration by calendar date or expiry by days/hours since first use.
  • Group membership and custom settings per group.
Groups can be used to separate course levels or company departments. Then each group can access to different sections and/or be entitled to different privileges. For example key staff may be allowed to print copies of pages and reports while other staff can read only. In the case of online tuition different groups can provide access to set courses such as year one, two, etc.

However if you are using Drupal or Moodle and prefer to use the course enrollment controls provided by those CMS you should consider purchasing ASPS for your own server.

ASPS Protected Hosting Pricing

ASPS Protected Hosting plans are charged a one-time setup fee plus rental per month or for longer periods. You can view the pricing schedule here.


Because your ASPS mirror is a different site to yours and viewed in a different web browser the login on one cannot be shared by the other and some features of your site need to be serviced by your site, for example:
  • Member post/blog submission
  • Member signup
  • Contact and email functions
However ASPS does manage member logins and for most popular CMS there is the ASPS Login Button that can be used for your site members to automatically log into your ASPS mirror.

NOTE: Only links to pages within the approved site, the one nominated for your ASPS Protected Hosting, will be delivered by this service. Other links will open without protection.

Check Referrer Demonstrations On Popular CMS

These sites demonstrate the use of Check Referrer in their relative CMS:
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