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Protect images using image encryption with domain lock

Add Encrypted Images to WordPress Pages

WordPress Plugin For Secure Image Pro

Insert Secure Image Pro images into WordPress with Domain Lock.

Secure Image Pro software encrypts images and domain-locks them to your website. This WordPress plugin enables you to use those images into your pages and posts with only a couple of clicks of a button. Insert encrypted images from your WordPress page editor that are supported across all web browsers on all operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux and handheld devices that can use Java. Secure Image provides the most secure image protection for images available without using a plugin.

Wordpress plugin for launching ASPS secure web browser
  • Upload and embed encrypted images using WordPress native tools.
  • Images are displayed in a security applet supported on all computers.
  • Ability to set varying levels of protection per page or post.
  • Control which web browsers can access your protected pages.
  • Checks for Java version and redirects for updates and install.
  • Domain-locks images to a designated website.
  • File names optimized for automatic image sizing.

Secure Image Pro Software

Evaluate Secure Image Protection Online DemonstrationsSecure Image software imports images or batches by folder to encrypt for display on pages with domain lock. More information about Secure Image features can be found from the links in the right-hand column. Clicking the button to the left will take you to the online demos illustrating the various image effects possible. For simplicity and ease of use, this WordPress plugin caters for one type of image display only; a single static image that can be displayed with or without a hyperlink. An image border and frame color can be set.

Browser support

The Secure Image security applet is purely Java-based and is the most advanced image encryption display available for the Internet today. It is designed to work in all major web browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux computers, with any PNG, GIF or JPEG image.

Download For WP Secure Image

The download file below is a self-extracting ZIP file which contains

WordPress plugin
   Tested up to WP 4.3     223 Kb     Download Now     

Download Sample Images for Evaluation

Secure Image uses encrypted images that use a .class file extension and the WordPress plugin  expects a particular file name convention so that it can extract the image size. Such images can be created by Secure Image, which is available as free trial software. Otherwise, for something to upload, you can download these sample encrypted images that will be valid for the "localhost" domain.

Install Instructions for WP Secure Image

Upload the to your website on the WordPress plugins folder. You can unzip this file and upload it via FTP or you can upload and unpack it on the site from a file manager or Webmin. After installation, you should see a new folder with its contents at:


Next, create a new folder in your uploads folder and set write permissions on it:


To complete installation, you can now go to your WordPress dashboard and view your plugins list. Here, you can click to "activate" Secure Image, after which a new menu item will appear in your left hand column. By expanding your menu item for Secure Image, you will see 2 new menu items, one for Default settings and the other to List Uploaded Files.

Using the Secure Image WordPress Plugin

Now you can create or edit an existing page or post and add copy protection by uploading or selecting an already uploaded image. Look for the [S] icon beside the media upload icon.

Note that you can only upload encrypted images with a [.class] file extension (see below).

Until you have a Secure Image Pro software license and real encrypted images, or if you just want to use this WordPress plugin in demo mode to add protection from right-mouse click and drag-n-drop, you can use the encrypted image included with the download or these ones. This class image will function on any test server running on localhost. Or if you change the date of the file, you may have 48 hours until it realizes that it is not registered for your website on the Internet. When prompted to upload or select your first image, you use this one to get started.

Managing Images Used With the WordPress Secure Image Plugin

Encrypted images cannot be rescaled, so the images that you upload need to already be sized to suit your project. This means that the original images need to be scaled before conversion by the Secure Image Pro software.
WordPress page editor showing teh Secure Image media button and shortcode.

Secure Image photos, tables, charts and other images can be added at the last position of the cursor before clicking the [S] button.

After selecting an image nominate the security and display settings for the page.

Once the image is selected, you can then nominate settings to apply to this particular page or post.
Nominate the default settings that are applied to all pages.
The above default settings are applied to all Secure Image pages and posts.

 List and manage all protected images that already been uploaded.
The class file manager will list all uploaded image class files.

Other WordPress Plugins

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Purhase Secure Image Protection Software Online

Download Secure Image Protection software for free evaluation


Online Galleries
Online Photo Stock
Online Product Surveys
Online Shopping Catalogues


None. Any type of web site on any type of web server can host your encrypted images.


A single license enables you to display encrypted images on one web site indefinitely. There is no limit on how long it can be used,  how many images are created or how many pages are delivered to the end user.


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