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5th August 2012

Copy Protect WordPress, Drupal, Joomla & Moodle On Linux Servers

August 5, 2012 – This new release of the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) has been specially optimized to cater for complex CMS solutions that run on Linux web servers. Sophisticated web applications like Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress are now fully supported, enabling the simple integration of the most secure website protection available today.

Content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Moodle enable site owners to create sophisticated sites from ready-made building blocks. In fact, some of the most impressive looking websites have been built by people with absolutely no HTML skills, simply by selecting and uploading a selection of ready-made plugins and templates. This new ASPS release further extends that scope by enabling the integration of whole or parts of a website with the most secure site protection system—one that cannot be exploited in any way by simply uploading and enabling the ASPS plugin from the site's administration pages.

The copy protection provided by the ASPS solution is far superior to all other web protection solutions because it has been designed specifically for copy protection from the ground up. For example, the server-side filter delivers encrypted content that can only be interpreted by the ASPS web browser, which itself is most unique because it is the only "real web browser" that provides secure protection from all copy including Print Screen and screen capture. Other protect browsers either provide no protection from screen copy at all or are merely re-skinned clones of browsers like Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox, which provide no protection for HTML source, media resource links or downloaded content that is stored in cache.

New ASPS plugins can be used to apply ASPS web protection to a website or to only portions of a site like an image or video gallery used for pay-per-view or online correspondence courses. Pages can be set for cross browser access, which is useful for doorway pages. They can also enforce the use of the ASPS Web Reader, in which case, if the visitor is detected as not having the reader already installed, they are redirected for download and installation instructions. Visitors with ASPS plugins installed can launch their privileged content in the ASPS Web Reader from their normal web browser.

For site visitors, swapping browsers is as easy as clicking a button on a web page. For site owners, protecting web pages has never been easier because no special treatment is required of the web pages or the media displayed on them. Regardless of whether Flash, PDF or video is used, no encryption is required because it simply is no longer necessary. In the past, protecting Flash has always been difficult and despite the double handling, encryption and domain locking of video and the obfuscation of Flash players, it has never been secure. The reason for this is that Flash is so exploitable (easy to decompile) and popular web browsers make it easy for pirates to download direct from the source, thus circumventing any and all protective measures employed on a web page.

But with your website displayed in the ASPS Web Reader all web content, page data, HTML and all embedded media is completely safe from copy, extraction, download and exploit! The ASPS Web Reader is supported across all Windows computers, from XP to the current version. The ASPS filter for your website is supported on all types of web servers.
To access ASPS demonstration sites, you will need to have the ASPS Web Reader already installed. Click to download the ASPS Web Reader.

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