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Menu Builder was designed to overcome problems found with using JavaScript for rollovers in navigation menus. Menus need to be fast loading, retrievable from cache, and workable with page inserts. From the publishing point of view, they need to be able to be placed into pages efficiently.

This download includes sample buttons and user-guide.

Menu Builder enjoys the same rollover functions as JavaScript, but in a simple package that can be easily copied to your web pages. To increase your directory, simply paste another Menu Builder to the page. There is no limit to how many can be used on a page or the variations possible.

Display a background tile

The menu Builder applet will display a background tile of any size. The image is tiled to seamlessly fill the area regardless of the original size. If a tile is not required, this parameter can be left blank.

Display image #1

In its rested state, the Menu Builder displays image #1. If it is a transparent GIF file, it will be superimposed over the background color or tile. If a tile is not nominated, the applet background color will be seen behind a transparent GIF.

Swap to image #2 on MouseOver

Image #2 is shown on MouseOver and replaces image #1. If swap image is not needed, leave the parameter blank.

Display a fixed text message on top

The text message is a button feature. The button title remains visible throughout the swap image processes. Color, font style, size and spacing can be edited in the parameters.

Play a sound on MouseOver

Menu Builder can be used to play AU sounds on MouseOver.

Displays a message in the status bar

On MouseOver, a status message can be displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the visitor's browser window.

Link to a page or targeted frame on MouseClick

Here is where you insert the page to be called when the visitor clicks on the Menu Builder button. To navigate within framesets, a frame name must also be nominated.


An applet background cannot be made transparent. If using a transparent GIF that allows part of the background to be seen, the applet background color must be matched to that of the page.

The applet size must be set manually. It will not automatically adjust to the image size. Nor will the image adjust to fit the applet. Unless cropping is the desired effect, the images and the applet size must be matched carefully.

If you are editing in Page view, your applet will not show the images and will look like what you see below. To align your menu, it should be in a "table" as seen below. The table can be used to control the spacing between buttons:

Secure image viewer applet

No table spacing

  Secure applet table space

When aligning tables for tight fits, editors tend to add seemingly unnecessary spaces that need to be removed. If you cannot get your table to snugly fit around the image, check the HTML code and remove all spaces at the end of the table lines. Then, close up the gap between the last TD tag and the image reference.


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