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Copy protect media archives from sharing and unauthorized distribution
ArtistScope Portable Media Copy protect media archives from sharing and unauthorized distribution.

Protect Portable Media Offline

ArtistScope Portable Media (APM) enables the distribution of most types of media by email, download or CD/USB for local viewing (while offline). Media archives can be distributed for viewing in all types of web browsers and protected by password, or they can be distributed with DRM protection for viewing in the ArtistScope web browser.

  • Encrypts and wraps media archives up to 600 Mb.
  • Distribute by email, download or on portable media such as USB.
  • Supports CopySafe PDF documents for copy protected web view.
  • Supports CopySafe Web for copy protecting images, flash and video.
  • Optional password and date expiration settings.
  • Optional DRM to prevent sharing and unauthorized distribution.
  • Supported across all Windows OS.
The ArtistScope Portable Media Packager will encrypt and wrap your media to produce a secure archive that can be viewed on any Windows computer whether online or offline. All content is protected from extraction and you have further options of deploying DRM to prevent sharing. Copy protection of the media while it is being displayed is possible by using either CopySafe PDF or CopySafe Web with this solution.

ArtistScope Portable Media Packager

The Packager is extremely simple to use and just a matter of selecting the folder containing your media and where you want the new archive saved to.

Portable Media Packager

You can distribute archives containing a single video or include many videos with other content. The output options are:

Password protected - with a password or leave blank for no password. An expiry date can be set.
Token protected - requires an access token issued from the APM portal that enables a user to open the media on their computer only (cannot be shared).

How ArtistScope Portable Media Works

ArtistScope Portable Media (APM) files saved as .apmf can be opened by the APM Reader only. With the APM Reader installed a user can simply double-click an APM media file to open it and view its contents. The APM Reader is a free download to the public and can be distributed with your media archives. If a media archive is packaged for Token Protection then the ArtistScope web browser will be required. Without Token Protection the archive can be viewed in the user's default web browser.

ArtistScope Web Browser

The ArtistScope web browser provides inbuilt protection for any content that it displays while indentifying the computer to ensure that the user does indeed have the right to open media before its content is disclosed. The ArtistScope web browser is a free download to the public.

ArtistScope Portable Media Licensing

ArtistScope Portable Media is free software. Both the APM Reader and Packager are free to use for both personal and commercial use unless you require DRM. To employ DRM and manage Access Tokens an author account in our ArtistScope Portable Media Portal is required on a subscription basis.

ArtistScope Portable Media DRM Management

The most effective DRM is governed by computer ID so it is computer ID that is used to verify your subscriber's rights. Access Tokens are granted per computer and before they can be issued an author needs to know that ID. So each author is provided an account on our APM server to register media archives for token protection and to add their subscribers. Then each subscriber can log into the APM server while using the ArtistScope browser to have their ID recorded against their account. Only then can an author issue Access Tokens that will enable subscribers to view DRM protected media while offline.

Of course the system is automated and an author can simply assign media to a subscriber and let the system notify the user. Then all that user needs to do is log in to collect any access tokens they are eligible for (tokens are dynamically updated).

Copy Protection

Both CopySafe PDF and CopySafe Web can be used in conjunction with ArtistScope Portable Media. To use CopySafe Web an existing license will already include provision for use at "localhost". CopySafe PDF licensees need a domain license for "localhost".

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