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Copy protect web data and media using the most secure web browser.

ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS)

The ArtistScope Browser is recommended for the most secure web site protection.

Browser comparison chart

The protection provided for web content by the ArtistScope Web Browser in comparison to every other web browser is incomparable because popular web browsers are designed for the very opposite of roles by exposing web content to every copy/save method ever devised.
  • Prevents download and save of web pages, html and their content.
  • Prevents Print Screen, screen capture and screen recording.
  • Prevents media and image downloaders from obtaining links.
  • Prevents all data leakage and protects database records.
  • Protects all web page media including Flash and video.
  • Delivers all web requests and responses using the strongest encryption.
  • Supports all web applications, scripting languages and SSL.
  • Supports easy integration with any third party CSS or DRM solution.
  • No special treatment required for any media (no encryption required).
ASPS will provide the most secure copy protection imaginable, securing any media, data and links displayed on the pages that you want to protect. Regardless of whether a site uses plain HTML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, .NET, SharePoint or ColdFusion, the ASPS server filter will deliver the final assembly (html) to the ArtistScope Web Browser in an encrypted stream that cannot be interpreted by any other means.

ASPS secure web browser What is the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS)?

 The ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) is a two-part solution that provides the most secure web-viewing environment possible. The ArtistScope Web Browser provides secure browser of all page media normally exposed by popular web browsers. The ASPS server filter delivers pages as an encrypted stream that cannot be read by any other browser or software tool.

As a standalone web browser, even delivering pages that have not been encrypted,  the ArtistScope Web Browser will close all avenues for exploit in any copy protection solution, including those solutions provided by competitors and imitators of ArtistScope solutions.

ASPS secure web browser Why use the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS)?

Popular web browsers expose web page content and media in every way ever devised. Allowing  copy protected content to be displayed while using those browsers can never be secure. The ASPS solution has been designed from end to end without dependency on any third party resource to leave no margin to exploit. ASPS pages leave the server in an encrypted stream to the ArtistScope browser. There is nothing in between to exploit, not even from cache.

ASPS secure web browser What is the ArtistScope Web Browser?

Unlike other secure browsers, the ArtistScope web browser is not a reskinned clone of a popular browser. Consequently the ArtistScope browser does not provide avenues for the exploit of protected content by enabling the installation of add-ons that can be used to cloak, download or copy. Nor does it provide any means to disable any add-ons or plugins so that a user can disable protection.

ASPS secure web browser How Does ASPS Work?

ASPS delivers web content from the server direct to the web browser in an encrypted format that only the ArtistScope Web Browser can decode. The content on the website does not need to be encrypted and there is no double-handling required to prepare any web content for delivery via ASPS. This means that anything delivered from a website, including database records, media and web pages created on the fly using absolutely any programming language, will most securely be delivered from server to the user's web browser without any opportunity of copy, duplication or retrieval.

How ArtistScope Site Protection System works

Websites can contain a mix of protected and public content (for search engines and casual visitors) without any segregation. Pages designated for protection only need to include additional meta-tags to set which protection options to apply. When that tag is detected by the server it will be delivered in encrypted form that only the ArtistScope browser can decode. .

ASPS secure web browser ArtistScope Browser & Server Performance

There is no significant increase in load on a server when using the ASPS server filter, unless the server is already using all of its available resources. Browser performance may seem slower than normal browsers because of the differences in caching and because the ArtistScope browser assembles a page before display rather than display its parts as they download.

Encrypted pages need to be fully decrypted to interpret the protection options included in the meta-tags and while a user changes view back and forward between unprotected and protected windows delays will occur to ensure that "the gate is properly open or closed".

ASPS secure web browser ASPS Protection Options

ASPS protection can be applied site wide, to specific folders or to individual web pages only, and the protection applied can vary on each page. For example, you can allow a visitor to print a receipt but not copy it, or to save selected files to disk but not copy the page.
  • Allow/disallow screen capture
  • Allow/disallow keyboard for web forms
  • Allow/disallow printing and number of times printed
  • Allow/disallow remote viewing
All types of media can be protected when you are using the ArtistScope Web Browser. In fact, anything that can be displayed or embedded on a web page will be most securely protected from all copying and saving, and this includes texts, images, Flash and video, without requiring the encryption or alteration of the media in any way. 

ASPS secure web browser ASPS Requirements

Since the release of version 2.0 ArtistScope browser, everyone can utilize ASPS protection. To use ASPS server software a dedicated or virtual server is required for the rights to install server software at system level. However those who may only have a web site on a shared hosting server can use ASPS Protected Hosting.

ASPS secure web browser ASPS Server Software

The ASPS server software can be installed on all Windows and Linux servers. Filter modules are available for all distributions, and because ArtistScope programmers install it for you, you can be assured that your new ASPS installation will be up and running to meet your schedule.

ASPS secure web browser ASPS Protected Hosting

The ASPS Protected Hosting enables anyone with a web site to most securely protect the whole of or any part of that site by mirroring its content from an ASPS web server. Of course some measures are required to prevent direct access to those protected parts by direct means, but if you are using any of the popular CMS like Drupal, Joomla, Moodle or WordPress, that task becomes extremely easy by installing the ASPS Check Referrer add-on.

ASPS secure web browser ASPS & Third Party Web Solutions

Regardless of what software or programming language is used on your web site, which type of server software, or whether it be for e-commerce, online course, trade survey or copy protection provided by a third party, the ArtistScope web browser will be most compatible to be your browser of choice where content protection is paramount.
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Download The ArtistScope Secure Web Browser


The following features are optional and configurable for each page:

  • Copy protect all media
  • Copy protect exams
  • Copy protect Flash
  • Copy protect images
  • Copy protect JavaScript
  • Copy protect lessons
  • Copy protect movies
  • Copy protect source code
  • Copy protect surveys
  • Copy protect text
  • Copy protect teaching
  • Copy protect tutorials
  • Prevent all copy
  • Prevent all save
  • Prevent cache memory
  • Prevent drag-n-drop
  • Prevent printing
  • Prevent PrintScreen
  • Prevent remote view
  • Prevent right click options
  • Prevent screen capture
  • Prevent screenshots
  • Prevent screen recording
  • Prevent view source
  • Prevent virtual capture

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MMany different techniques can be used to apply copy protection to web pages but even the most secure solutions can have holes; seurity flaws made possible by the browser makers to appease as many users as possible. Consequently the only way to secure web pages properly is to secure the web browser itself, and then ensure that no other browser can access that protected content.
To properly prevent printscreen and screen capture a plugin is required... JavaScript can only hamper Printscreen in some browsers and is of absolutely no use for preventing screen capture. But the problem with using plugins with popular web brawsers is that they can crash if there are errors on a page, and in most cases a user has the option of disabling them in their add-on manager. Also, uninformed anti-virus software can disable or prevent them from running properly. So, while using a web browser not designed to maintain the integrity of third party protection solutions, the security of your data and media can never be assured.
Web pages delivered to ArtisBrowser are encrypted by the server prior to download. Then ArtisBrowser decrypts the web page before displaying it in it's browser window. This symbiotic relationship between protected web pages and ArtisBrowser prevents access to web content by unauthorized means. /td>
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