ArtistScope DRM and Copy Protection Solutions  
Copy protect web data and media using the most secure web browser.

ArtistScope Web Browser : Download

ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) has been specially designed to maintain a stringent security protocol, whether it be for access rights management, full blown copy protection or the prevention of data leakage. Parties interested in utilizing ASPS security for their Internet or intranet use can download the browser software here.

ArtistScope Web Browser : Version 2.0

Windows version
   Windows 32-bit and 64-bit     31.7 Mb     Download Now     

that some ASPS web sites may not have upgraded for version 2.0 yet. However both versions can be installed on the same computer and run without conflict. Includes the CopySafe Web plug-ins.

ArtistScope Web Browser : Version 1.3

Windows version
   Windows 32-bit and 64-bit     15.9 Mb     Download Now     

The ArtistScope Web Browser is a standalone application that is neither dependent nor affected by other web browsers. ASPS can be used with any type of web site or web application  regardless of the code behind its web pages.

ASPS Add-ons for CMS

See side menu for the various add-ons and widgets available for most CMS.
ArtistScope Site Protection:

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ASPS Add-ons for CMS:

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