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 Support : CopySafe PDF Protection : Cannot add a second computer to an account
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ยป Cannot add a second computer to an account

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New post Posted On : 2017-03-08 at 13:52

I have set the number of 2 computers that can be used with each account. After registering the first computer, the second computer can't register same account to open DRM document.


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New post Posted On : 2017-03-08 at 14:06

The second computer cannot be added from the Reader. The Reader can only add the first computer, and while that may seem to be a bug, it is by design to ensure that sharing is prevented and that our DRM cannot be exploited.

To update the first computer, admin assistance is required because the first computer nominated cannot be "updated". To update the first computer, your author/admin needs to remove the current computer ID so that the new computer can be added

How to add the 2nd and 3rd computer

If a user account has indeed been enabled to allow more than one computer, then the user can add additional Computer IDs by logging into the DRM portal while using the ArtistScope web browser. Such updates are only possible while using the ArtistScope browser so that the Computer ID can be detected, and only the computer being used at the time can be recorded.

After logging in, go to "Contact Details" look for "Computer ID" and click the link for "Manage machines". That link will only be visible if the account is allowed more than one computer and if the ArtistScope browser is used.

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