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 Support : Troubleshooting Copy Protection : Run as Administrator
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ยป Run as Administrator

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New post Posted On : 2016-10-15 at 13:29

Starting an application while using the main account on a computer is NOT the same as using "Run as Administrator".

Why do we need "Run as Administrator"

Some applications, especially ArtistScope software, need to interact at system level such as when retrieving the user's hard drive serial number and managing the system clipboard. Other applications such as Notepad require Administrator rights to edit files in the Program folder or if working on a server, any files used in websites such as from "Inetpub" on Windows servers. Anything run from commandline will require Administrator privileges.

Quick start

To start any application using "Run as Administrator" you can right click on its startup icon and then select "Run as Administrator".

Set to always Run as Administrator

For applications that you always want to run as Administrator, you can set its startup icon to Run as Administrator automatically by editing the icon's settings. Right click on the startup icon and select Properties.

Then click the Advanced tab

Tick the box for Run as Administrator

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