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Secure Image Pro : Image Encryption Software

Secure Image Converter GUI

The Secure Image Pro image encryption software will run on all Windows computers. The encrypted images that it creates are supported in all web browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Image encryptor for web site images

Security Applet Display Styles

Aside from the choice of encryption levels, you also have several different styles in which the images can be displayed. Any number of images or different styles can be displayed on the same page.
  • Static image - or no image link or mouse over effects
  • Image hyperlink to the next page using a targeted frame
  • Display information on mouse over - swap image to text
  • Show the image on mouse over - swap text to image
  • Swap images on mouse over - swap two images
  • Slideshow - display several images in sequence
Loading large batches of images

File selection supports batch import. Select a folder to import all the JPG and GIF images in the folder. When loaded into the work directory, you have the option of selecting some or all images in the list to encrypt on command.

Saving large batches of images

When loaded into the work directory, you have the option of selecting some or all images in the list to encrypt on command. Images that were saved will share common settings such as target frame, etc. When requested, you have the option of saving each image on a separate page or saving all the images on just one page (with the title underneath). Secure Image will encrypt thousands of images with just one click.

Image hyperlink

On the Standard display applet, a hyperlink can be added to the image for mouse clicking onto the next exhibit or to an information page. The link can be frame-targeted for navigating framesets. If the visitor uses either right or left mouse buttons, they will activate the hyperlink. If the link is not needed, simply leave the field blank.

Image messages

Several message areas are available to present navigation hints, exhibit particulars or purchasing instructions. A message can be shown in the image progress bar as the pic downloads, in the status bar at the bottom of your browser on MouseOver, and also in the image area on MouseOver. Here you have the option to wrap the text to image, or the image to text.

Server side and command-line operation

The Secure Image Converter can be operated by command-line and server-side DLLs to provide online integration with any website portal that is running on a Windows server. This enables your users to upload images and have them encrypted for immediate use within your copy protected web pages, as used in the ArtistScope DRM solution.

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Secure Image Pro User-Guide (PDF) Purhase Secure Image Protection Software Online
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Purhase Secure Image Protection Software Online

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None. Any type of web site on any type of web server can host your encrypted images.


A single license enables you to display encrypted images on one web site indefinitely. There is no limit on how long it can be used,  how many images are created or how many pages are delivered to the end user.

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