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Secure Image Pro : CMD For Server Uploads

Secure Image Command Line Operation

Secure Image Pro version 5.0 can be operated from the Desktop as a normal Windows application or it can be used in command-line mode, enabling it to be used server-side and integrated with web pages for encrypting images uploaded to websites.


Copy the "SecureImage" folder to your computer. If you are using a server environment, it is recommended to install and save at C:\SecureImage. The command line converter (CMD) uses ProDefaults.dat for default settings, such as the watermark image to use, for example, if those options are required.

First run

Before running CMD in command-line mode you need to set the ProDefaults.dat file for your default settings.

1. Run the Windows GIU by double-clicking on SecureImagePro.jar
2. Add an image
3. Highlight the image and then click the Configure button
4. Run through the wizard for Targeted Link
5. Set Watermark for Mac and Linux only
6. Set watermark image (watermark.gif in the same folder as SecureImagePro.jar)
7. Click Finish
8. With the image still highlighted, click on the Protect button
9. Select the output folder and click Open
10. The converter will save all new files to that location
11. Close the converter GUI and select YES to "Save new settings"

The ProDefaults.dat now contains your default settings.

Command line operation

Secure Image Pro CMD is designed for high-end users or those who encrypt images in volume for fast deployment. The CMD converter will encrypt single images or batches of images that are nominated by folder. The recommended parameters to use are:

     Targeted Link as nominated display style
     Watermark image to use
     Background and text colors
     Border size, if required

The parameters to use in the command line:

     i <input folder> or -f <input file>
     o <output folder>
     s <settings file> (optional)
     v <viewer folder>

If no settings file is nominated, the converter will use its inbuilt defaults. The viewer folder must be present to provide some of the resources that are delivered in the final output. For example:

For batch conversion by folder using ProDefaults.dat settings:

java -jar SecureImagePro.jar -i c:\SecureImage\in -o c:\SecureImage\out -v c:\SecureImage\Viewer -s c:\SecureImage\ProDefaults.dat

For single file conversion using ProDefaults.dat settings:

java -jar SecureImagePro.jar -f c:\SecureImage\in\myimage.jpg -o c:\SecureImage\out -v c:\SecureImage\Viewer -s c:\SecureImage\ProDefaults.dat

Windows Server DLL Interface

For Windows servers, a ready-made DLL interface is available to enable users to upload images from a web page for automatic processing by the converter server-side. ArtistScope can provide a system DLL to provide an interface between website pages and the Converter installed to the computer that is running as a server.

   - Upload and encrypt GIF, JPG and PNG images
   - Create new web pages for the images and add/edit copy from a web page

The only requirement is .NET Framework 4 for support on:

   - Windows Server 2003
   - Windows Server 2008 R2
   - Windows 7 Ultimate and higher

Click for more information about the web service DLL

Secure Image Pro User-Guide (PDF) Purhase Secure Image Protection Software Online
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None. Any type of web site on any type of web server can host your encrypted images.


A single license enables you to display encrypted images on one web site indefinitely. There is no limit on how long it can be used,  how many images are created or how many pages are delivered to the end user.

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