ArtistScope web browser now supports 24 different languages
Version of the ArtistScope web browser has been released with new language support. The user's computer language is initially detected for default language. Then the user can change to one of 24 different languages to set their preference.
ASPS Protected Hosting Demo Revised For Simplicity
The demo site for ASPS Protect Hosting has been simplified to remove confusion over the many different features and options available. The new demo control panel should get new accounts under way for evaluation much quicker and with less confusion.
All Moodle Plugins Upgraded for Moodle version 3.2
Moodle plugins for CopySafe PDF, CopySafe Web and Check-Referrer have been upgraded for the latest version of Moodle. The only significant change required was for version checking which could otherwise prevent installation of the plugin.
Copysafe PDF and CopySafe Web plugins upgraded for changes in WordPress 4.7
Changes in WordPress 4.7 prevented the upload process from functioning properly. This upgarde resolves that issue.
ArtistScope Portable Media released for offline viewing of DRM protected archives
ArtistScope Portable Media (APM) enables authors to distribute Flash and video that can be read while offline (without Internet) while preventing sharing and unauthorized distribution. APM archive can disaply all types of media normally viewed from web pages.