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CopySafe Web Plugin Update - Version

10th September 2013

CopySafe Web Plugins To Support The Forthcoming Windows 8.1

Sept 10, 2013 – A new version of the CopySafe Web browser plugins for Internet Explorer and Mozilla web browsers has been released and are now available for download.

This release is well ahead of the Windows 8.1 version scheduled for release in November. However some users may already be using the beta version.

What's New In CopySafe Web version

The first thing to note is the version number increase and all web sites need to update their CSI files to ensure that their visitors get to download and install this new version.

As well as support for Windows 8.1, this version also includes a revised CopySafe Runtime and plugin functions to prevent users from exploiting protected web pages by disabling the service. The new Runtime periodically checks that the service is running and if not found, it will close the application that is using it, thus closing any protected windows to prevent them from being captured.

How To Update Your Website & Software

If you are linking to the download files on an ArtistScope server all you need to do is update the CSI file. The latest CSI with the new version number and detection routines can be downloaded from here.

To update the CopySafe Web software simply replace the "viewer" folder in your program set.

Download Links for the Plugin Installers

The download above also includes the latest installers for both Internet Explorer and Mozilla browsers. While it can be convenient to provide downloads from your own website and we do welcome to reduction of the load on our servers, the download files from our server will always be the latest and are updated from time to time to cater for minor fixes in detection routines and installer functions.

Updating WordPress and Other CMS Modules

Unless a CMS has been upgraded the only changes required to update your module for these new browser plugins is the CSI file (in some distributions it will be a .js file). As the CSI files differ between module type, the best method for updating will be a file comparison between the CSI in your module set and the CSI in the download above. It should only be the version number that changes, ie: from to

Clients Using Custom Installers

If you are currently using custom installers with your company theme and have not been notified yet, please email us to update your contact records.

Testing Site Updates

At any time that you have problems or errors with your site update and unsure of where the error is, please visit our online demos as these can always be used as a working example. That way you can be assured that the plugin is installed and working ok, leaving the cause to an error on your web page.

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