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ArtistScope DRM - Hosted DRM Service

The DRM validation service for CopySafe PDF is provided for free to licensed users of CopySafe PDF software. Otherwise, for short term projects, we can use the same DRM validation service for your documents as a hosted service, payable by month or by usage.

The Hosted DRM Service provides a means of using DRM to manage document distribution, without having to purchase the CopySafe PDF software. For licensed users of CopySafe PDF Protector, the DRM Service is free and over time, is considered the more economical purchase. For those who have short term projects of only a few months, the Hosted DRM Service can also be quite practical.

Option A: high volume, business use - Paying a fixed rental fee per month is ideal for high-volume situations, such as distributing an e-book and sending out company-wide memos. Keep your costs under control with the peace of mind of a fixed monthly fee and no extra costs, regardless of volume.

Option B: low volume, casual use - Paying per document validation is the perfect plan for those distributing documents to a small number of users. Only pay for what you use. Each time a subscriber opens your DRM document, the CopySafe PDF Reader checks the server for authorization. Each request is logged against your prepaid number of hits.

DRM Hosting Provides Server-side Software

When using DRM on of your documents, using the server-side version of the CopySafe PDF Protector software is the preferred method rather than converting documents on your computer and then uploading them. Consequently, your documents can be managed from any computer, even from Mac and Linux computers. In fact, if you can upload PDF documents from your mobile phone, you can use it to manage your DRM subscriptions in entirety.

DRM Hosting Fees

There is an initial one-time set-up fee applicable to all new accounts. The set-up fee and your hosting plan are to be paid in advance. Plans can be paid by the month or by purchasing a number of credits for validations. Paying monthly is much more economical for high volume distribution because it provides for unlimited usage within the period, whereas paying by validations enables you to pay only for what you use. Click to calculate a plan price


"Validations" are the hits on our database requesting authorization to access a protected document or web page. Each page or document requested equals one hit. If a document is accessed and there is a print limit on the document, then the hits recorded may amount to two.

To enable authors to check their pages and update them regularly, no hits are recorded when the page is accessed while they are logged in using the author's account.

Administration and Distribution

The creation of user accounts, document conversion and management occur server side so that they can be managed from remote computers, without having to install any software. You can assign administrators and other special users permitted to submit publications, update document permissions or suspend document availability at any time.

DRM User Account

All users are entitled to log into the DRM website and enjoy the following:
  • Update their contact details and DRM identity at any time
  • View catalogues and indexes of documents assigned to their group
  • View catalogues and indexes of web pages assigned to their group
  • View the history of recent newsletters sent to their group

DRM Author Account

Users with "Author" account status are entitled to create and manage their own distribution:
  • Update their contact details and DRM identity at any time.
  • View catalogues and indexes of documents assigned to their group
  • View catalogues and indexes of web pages assigned to their group
  • View the history of recent newsletters sent to their group
  • User accounts may be free or by subscription to the group's owner

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Test drive DRM protection for eBooks & PDF documents

DRM Demonstration:

Free demo accounts can be created in one of our DRM Portals for use without delay to enable you to explore the many protection options and evaluate a variety of documents with different protection options applied. You will also be able to upload and protect your own documents, and send them onto friends for their evaluation.

DRM Features:

- Protect eBooks and PDF
- Protect drawings
- Protect photographs
- Prevent all copy and save
- Prevent Printscreen
- Prevent screen capture
- Prevent forwarding
- Prevent account sharing
- Restrict access per group
- Restrict access per user
- Prevent printing
- Limit the number of prints
- Limit the number of views
- Set expiration by local time
- Set expiration by time server
- Set expiry by days or hours
- Revoke access at any time
- Expire documents at any time


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