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The CopySafe Web converter imports images by single or batch mode, encrypts them for domain lock and saves them to newly created web pages for immediate upload to your web site or easy distribution to existing web pages.

Image converter for image encryption and domain lock

Batch import of images

File import supports multiple selection - you use Control and Shift click to select images in batches, or select a folder and CopySafe will import all the images in that folder regardless of how many.

Configuring image settings

When you highlight an individual image you can then click the Configure button to set the image display preferences. To select all images listed you can use the Select All button. All the images highlighted can be encrypted on the one command - clicking the Convert button.

* Static image with no tricks.
* Image hyperlink to the next page using a targeted frame.
* Begin with an image and display product info on mouse over.
* Begin with a text message and show the image on mouse over.
* Swap one image for another on mouse over.
* Slideshow.

Border size and color

To set a frame around the image set the width in pixels. If no border frame is required leave this option set to 0. To nominate the color to be used in the frame. It is also the color of the applet as seen until the image is downloaded.

Text message color

This is for the text message that is displayed while the image is being downloaded to your visitor's browser. For legibility set the color to contrast with the Border Color selected.

Image loading message

This option sets the message to be displayed while the image is being downloaded from your website into the visitor's browser. The text appears in a band across the downloading image.

Status bar message

Here you can set a text message to be displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the browser window. The message will appear when the mouse is passed over the image. This is most useful for displaying the name of the artwork or the artist.

Clickable image link

This option can be used in the Standard option to set a hyperlink that will be activated when the visitor clicks on the image. If a link is not required simply leave this area blank. The small button to the right is to set a target frame for navigating within framesets.


When your pages are finished with the extra content added, simply upload them to your web site, ensuring that all the files produced by the program are in the same folder. It is that simple. Your original images are no longer needed and should not be on your web site.

Server side and command-line operation

The CopySafe Web Converter can be operated by command-line and server side DLLs to provide online integration with any web site portal running on a Windows server, enabling your users to upload images and have them encrypted on the fly for immediate use within your copy protected web pages, as used in the ArtistScope DRM solution.

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None. Any type of web site on any type of web server can host your copy protected web pages.

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A single license enables you to display protected web pages on one web site indefinitely. There is no limit on how long it can be used,  how many images/pages are created or how many pages are delivered to the end user.

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