ASPS Login Button

The ASPS Login Button enables a logged in user to log into a copy protected ASPS site using the same user details.

These free modules are available for all popular CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress and can be placed in select pages and columns. If the ArtistScope web browser is not installed the button will provide a link to redirect the visitor to download it.

How It Works

The button will only be visible to logged users and when clicked, will automatically redirect you to the ASPS site. If it is your first visit then a new Demo account will be created for you to explore the ASPS Demo site. Return visits will log in automatically.

The button is displayed using a background image so that text can be overlaid in different languages. The test message, button image, width and height and text color can be edited in the button's parameters.


The doorway site must use the same CMS as the login site. For example if using WordPress both sites need to be WordPress. The secret that encrypts and decrypts the key needs to be the same in both the Login Button and on the ASPS website. Clients can set/change their key from their ASPS Control Panel and change the key in their button code.

Downloads and Demo

Online Demos

Launch Buttons can be seen in use at these online demo sites:

Download the Modules

These add-ons will enable you to add the button to your CMS:

Drupal module for Login Button Drupal Module Download  132 Kb 
Joomla extension for Login Button Joomla Extension Download  135 Kb 
Moodle plugin for Login Button Moodle Plugin Download  133 Kb 
WordPress plugin for Login Button WordPress Plugin Download  216 Kb 

Login Button Licensing

The ASPS Launch Buttons are provided for free and without warranty.

Frequent Questions and Answers

Are all browsers and OS supported?
No. Windows is required. Also, as of late 2015 all popular web browsers dropped support for real plugins so that other applications can no longer be launched from their browser.
What happens if the visitor does not have the ArtistScope browser installed?
On earlier versions of web browsers that do support real plugins, the visitor is redirected to download and install it.
Can the Login Button be used in CMS like WordPress?
Yes, we do provide modules for Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress.
Can the Login Button be used on any web site?
Yes, but only by writing your own custom code based on similar CMS module methods.